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Plastic Poems

I was given the opportunity to participate in the Plastic Poems Workshop run by Denise Reytan.

I worked collaborative with Naomi Clarke, and we worked in response to the song lyrics Trout Heart Replica by Amanda Palmer. We used poor materials to develop material samples, and our final fishy assemblage. The process was instinctive, and expressive when transforming the materials into forms which evoke our take on the song, reflecting our capturing the message behind the eyes… opening our eyes to the food cycle, and not burying our heads in the sand when it comes to acknowledging where our food, especially meat products, come from…..  

The result was a sculptural forms which exists as a plastic poem, and is documented through photography.

Pretty often
Pretty often
I don’t want to be told
It’s a problem
It’s a problem
It’s a problem I know
And I won’t keep what I can’t catch in my bare hands without a net
It’s hard enough to walk on grass so conscious of the consequences.

- Amanda Palmer


Artists: Chloe Henderson & Naomi Clarke
Workshop: Denise Reytan
Photography: Tristan Pritchard
Model: Chloe Henderson

Trout Heart Replica by Chloe Henderson &

While developing my degree show collection at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design I discovered that my niche skill within the world of jewellery-making is etching, especially hand-drawn nitric acid etches. Through this method of scraping away

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lines of black etching fluid I fell in love with pattern drawing and this love has become my ink and paper illustrations. My portfolio of illustration is inspired by my penchant for the fantastical, and I often feature strange creatures within my highly patterned portraiture. The crisp black and white lines have become my signature style.

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