One day, when I was a tree and you were a slug who was afraid of the rain…  


This tale was dreamt up one night after a long, wet, walk in the Dalkeith woodland. As a native Scot, the wet weather doesn't stop me going out for walks, and this rainy day was no exception. I was a lone wanderer, meandering my way through a wooded path, brushing water out of my eyes until a moment of dry. A misty interval in the day lead me to sit down for a moment, and munch on the soggy chocolate bar from my pocket. I sat letting the rain drip down my face and watching as birds flitted around in the trees. A huge grey slug was creeping it's way up a tree in front of me. I watched it for a while. It pulsated and oozed it's way up the branch. It was disgustingly fascinating. He was completely unattractive and sickening, yet I was rooting for him to reach wherever he was going. Suddenly, my silent cheering was interupted as a black bird swooped out of nowhere and swallowed up my new friend in one gulp. I was horrified. I guess it was the horror that found it's way into invading my dreams that night. I woke up in a crazed dream state, whirling black feathers and death flitting behind my eyes. I scribbled down whatever was going on in my mind into my journal and drifted back to sleep. Re-reading my scribbles in the clarity of the morning gave me my new story.


The jewellery came a few months later. We were given a topic all to ourselves; it was immensely satisfying, after all the varied project briefs, to be entirely free in what I could delve into. Naturally I choose to study narrative jewellery.


There are few pieces of writing I am proud of having written, One day… is one of them. I knew it was something that I wanted to create in more than just words.


The neckpiece is the final outcome for my project. I wanted to represent the story in a decorative illustrative format. Throughout the year I used trees and slugs and crows as drawing inspiration, and towards the end combined them all into narrative illustrations. Each pendant represents a different part of the story and each one can be attached and removed from the neckpiece through the use of hook mechanisms. This enables the wearer to decide upon which segment of the story the want to wear and therefore which emotion they want to convey. I won’t go into all the little analytical details of what I believe the story to mean because I am much more interested in hearing what you have to say about it. Stories are meant to be shared and interpreted by each listener of the tale, and this neckpiece acts as a vessel for such an exchange.

This work is available for commission. Prices start from £100. Please email me at for more details.